This is the highest level of competition in which the Junior part of the club competes.

The YDL is made up of two different competitions:

  • The Lower Age Group (LAG) which is U13 and U15 athletes, so Years 6, 7, 8 and 9.
  • The Upper Age Group (UAG) which is U17 and U20, so years 10, 11 and U20 athletes.

The LAG competitions are on a Saturday, the UAG ones on a Sunday between April and July.  It is a series of 4 competitions across the South of England, one of which may be at Winchester.  It covers the following athletic disciplines:

  • SPRINTS – 100m, 200m, 300m, 400m plus hurdles  and relay races
  • DISTANCE – 800m, 1500m (3000m for UAG)
  • JUMPS – Long Jump, High Jump,  Triple Jump (from U17), Pole Vault (from U15)
  • HROWS – Discus, Shot, Javelin, Hammer (from U15)

Once the dates are finalised around March time, the Team Manager sends out a list to see who is available for which events and then after talking to the coaches a team selection is made and everyone is sent out an email.  WADAC can select a maximum of two athletes per event, as an A and B string and these will be the strongest available athletes in these events in the club.  This is done in collaboration with the club coaches. There are no non scoring events in the YDL.

If there are any event gaps that need to be filled these are offered to any athlete attending on the day. That way we get maximum points to secure the highest place in the League.

We often take a coach (as in a bus!) from Winchester for these events.

The results are posted on the YDL website a few days after the event.

For more information see the website 

Type Track and Field
Season/Date April to July
Age Under 20s Under 17s Under 15s Under 13s Under 11s
Team Manager(s) Caris Stoller –
Gary Bettridge –
Cost Free