Sun 23rd Sep 2018

The SEAA Road Relays will be on 23rd September 2018 at Crystal Palace

The SEAA 6/4/3 stage road relays are coming up on 23rd September at Crystal Palace. 

This is a great event to run and represent WADAC and a rare chance to run in and around the Crystal Palace stadium.  The stadium might be flat but the surrounding grounds are's a road surface but will provide a good early test for your XC legs!  

Details have yet to be confirmed but generally the leg distances are age appropriate (5-6km for seniors) and teams are 6 for senior men, 4 for senior women and 3or4 for the Junior and Vet categories.

Juniors wishing to run please email Simon Harvey

Senior/Vet Women wishing to run please email Jo Jefferies

Senior/Vet men wishing to run please email Steve Oliver