Thu 5th Oct 2017

Mikaela Price wins the October handicap - comfortably ahead of the fast finishing Matt Grote & James Moore

By the light of a Harvest Moon 17 runners contested the October Handicap including one very welcome newbie and promising talent, Natalie Muska.

Mikaela Price was comfortably first home ahead of the blanket finish which was led in by Matt Grote and James Moore - with 10 runners in the sweetspot it was a thrilling final sprint for the line.  Fastest on the night was James Moore in a net 5'55 with Matt Grote 2nd fastest in a new PB of 6'10 moving up a handful of places to No.11 on the honours board.  The Top 50 of the latest honours board is here Harestock Handicap

The October results can be seen here : Harestock Handicap J Sept 2017 

It remains tight at the top of the overall standings and we were all pleased to see Lloyd Dickson back fighting successfully to return to the top of the pile but now with only a narrow lead over Ianthe Edgeley, Robert Bryan and James Moore.  It will be close to the end (and there is still another discard to come) but to avoid the temptation for tactical racing we enter the end of season stealth zone where the overall standings will not be published. 

Anyone can of course still get involved and upset the form book - the more runners in the mix the bigger the gaps and points differentials become.  The Harestock Handicap is a fun time trial type event on the first Thursday of the month, open to all so please come along and give it a go.