Thu 2nd Nov 2017

Rob Porter showed fine finishing speed to win the November handicap just sweeping by Karen Hazlitt in the finishing straight with Robert Bryan a fast finishing third.

We had 23 runners out for the November handicap including one welcome newbie in Joe Fuccio and we also had Caroline Carr making her first appearance of the year.  In benign conditions there was close running throughout the field.  As the handicaps unwound and the field bunched towards the finish overtaking space was at a premium.  Robert Bryan took a wide line down the hill to bypass the traffic, SteveO used the grass but couldn't get close to Derek Gilby.  Meanwhile up front Karen was serene as ever on the racing line but had to give best to Rob Porter's fantastic finishing kick.  All great fun, in total 10 runners managed to meet or beat their handicap and there were 12 in the sweetspot that is the blanket finish.

Fastest on the night was Pete Sansome with a sprightly 5'53 enjoying good racing but heavily handicapped and not quite managing to catch up with James Moore who was second fastest with 5'59.   6 runners managed to get inside the 7minute mark but none of them improved their PB's or their place on the honours board.

The results of the November handicap are here Harestock Handicap L Nov 2017

With one race to go there is much interest in the overall standings and who might yet prevail to win the coveted Handicap minimise the risks of skulduggery we have to operate under a strict veil of secrecy.  So what can we say?   Once again it is very close and the series will not be determined until the final race is run.  With one race and one discard still to come we have a dead heat at the top and have been dusting off the rule book to check the tie-break rules.  Just behind the top two are another 3 runners who could yet win through.

One thing is for sure the more runners we have taking part in the December handicap the more scope there is for creating daylight between the protagonists....please make the effort to be there as it could be you that determines who gets the trophy. 

Everyone welcome, the December Handicap will be held on Thursday 7th December, meet at the track 18.45 for 19.00 when we will head out towards Harestock.  Don't worry if you are new to this we can set handicaps on the night.