Sat 16th Dec 2017

Robert Bryan won the Harestock Handicap Series for 2017 - the 6th such Handicap series.

Winning the overall series of the Harestock Handicap is no mean feat as it requires diary discipline and consistent performance throughout the year.  With 8 races from 12 to count the winner is generally drawn from those who take part most often but there are many possible winning combinations and the title is often up for grabs right through till the December event.

The 2017 series was one of the closest finishes we have had...... 

Going into the last event there were 3 likely winners and 2 more with outside chances.  Lloyd Dickson had been leading the series for much of the year but a change of jobs meant he had to miss the last race - after all it would be bad form to skip the Xmas party with your new team.  Sniffing the opportunity Ianthe Edgeley was there to contest the December event and indeed was first of the overall contenders to finish - even holding off James Moore in the cut and thrust on the line.  Close behind was our series winner Robert Bryan....10th on the night maybe didn't feel like a knock-out punch but it was and this time the computers said YES !

Not sure how easy it will be to read the overall results but they are here:
Harestock Handicap 2017 Overall

In addition to the overall trophy we salute those dedicated athletes who have completed all 12 of the handicap races in 2017.....a tribute to their dedication but also kudos for their remaining fit, healthy and in-training throughout the year.   Congratulations therefore to Sarah Aldridge, James Moore and Steve Oliver who all completed 12 out of 12 in 2017.   Further special mention for James Moore who has now run 42 consecutive handicaps (often being the fastest runner on the night) and is on a Harestock Handicap streak stretching back to June just can't keep this boy out of the news. 

Finally the honours board has been updated to end 2017 and can be found on the Harestock Handicap page