Volunteers At Wadac

WADAC is always looking for more voluntary support to be able to provide high quality coaching and opportunities to our large number of members. We rely on a team of volunteers, from helpers to coaches and assistants, team managers and officials, etc., who are the backbone of the Club.

Helping with training sessions is a good way to get involved in the sport, and to support your child and WADAC. England Athletics provides a range of courses to support those interested in becoming a qualified coach. Details of the England Athletics Coaching Pathway can be found here: https://gocoach.englandathleti...

If you are interested in becoming a helper, please contact Paul Cox (chair@wadac.org.uk).

If you are interested in taking any coaching qualification, please contact Kathryn Miles (kathryn.miles@wadac.org.uk).

Introductory Coaching Courses

If you are interested in taking a coaching qualification, there are two pathways depending on whether you are interested in non-track based events or track and field, as follows:

Coaching Assistant qualification is for those wanting to coach track and field events, and provides an introduction to coaching athletics via a range of run, jump and throwing skills and activities. It will also focus on the introduction the fundamental movement skills that underpin athletics activities.

The Leadership in Running Fitness course is for non-track based events (road running, fell, cross country and multi-terrain) and is designed to prepare you to provide a safe and enjoyable running experience for young people and adults of any ability.

Further Coaching Qualifications

Once you have completed your Coaching Assistant or Leadership in Running Fitness Course then you can take the next level of qualification and become an Athletics Coach or a Coach in Running Fitness.

Qualified coaches then can complete specialist event training and become an Event Coach, for example, a Throws Coach.

Additional WADAC-run Courses / Workshops

WADAC runs additional workshops / courses to support coaches, coaching assistants and parent helpers. These can be viewed here.

Handy Drills/Technique Advice for New Helpers / Assistants

Endurance: http://ucoach.com/resources/athletics-365/athletics-365-section-16-challenges/


Hurdles: http://ucoach.com/resources/athletics-365/athletics-365-section-14-challenges