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A set of open road races across Hampshire at which Hampshire club teams and individuals can accumulate points and compete for end-of-season positions and prizes.

HRRL consists of 12 races from September until June. They usually begin with a five miler at Overton and finish with a 10K in Lordshill. Races vary in distance including 5 miles, 10Ks, 10 milers and half marathons.

Where can I view the HRRL Grand Prix Competition?

Click HRRL Grand Prix Pages. to view the times, age-adjusted times, current points tables for men and women and previous years’ results.

Is there a minimum standard to compete?

No. Anyone can enter and standards vary enormously.

How many races do I need to compete in?

You can do as many or as few races as you like. If you want to get the best place you possibly can in the individual competition, you must run at least 7.

Do I have to be selected for the club team?

No. The teams are not predetermined but, depending on finishing positions, relative to other club members. The first 9 finishing Winchester ladies at each race comprise our three teams for that day. Likewise, the first 12 finishing Winchester men. You must wear the club vest or you risk being disqualified from the team by the league organisers.

Should I still attend if i'm a slower runner?

Yes! We need as many people to take part as possible. Sometimes we do not fill all of our teams. And even when we do, each runner that does not make the team pushes a runner in a competing team one place further back.

Why are these races worth attending?

There are lots of reasons. First and foremost is to support the club. There is nothing better than crowding the start with black and gold vests. You get to compare your finishing positions over different distances by checking the HRRL website. Once you have run five races for the club, road races included, and you have been a member for a year you become eligible for a London Marathon place. And these are among the best organised road races in the county, or they don’t get in the league. And they are also among the best attended because they are league races, so you have lots of people to run with.

I have no access to transport to get to the races.

There is always room for a lift. Just get in touch with Saul Duck or join our Facebook Group.

Type Cross Country Running Road Running
Season/Date September - June
Location Various
Age Veterans Seniors Under 20s Under 17s
Team Manager(s) Saul Duck –
Cost Free