Ydl Hemel Hempstead July 01 2015

In 2019, WADAC will return to compete in the Upper YDL as a composite team with Portsmouth. The aim is to offer our U17 and U20 athletes a good level of competition, appropriate to their age.

WADAC and Portsmouth athletes will compete in their own vests, apart from relay teams where they must wear the same vest (the Team Managers will arrange this).

Full fixture list including for this league here: Full list

  • SPRINTS – 100m, 200m, 300m, 400m plus relay races
  • HURDLES – 80m/100m/110m hurdles and 300m/400m hurdles
  • DISTANCE – 800m, 1500m, 3000m, 1500m/2000m steeplechase
  • JUMPS – Long Jump, High Jump, Triple Jump, Pole Vault
  • THROWS – Discus, Shot, Javelin, Hammer

A few weeks before each match, the WADAC Team Manager sends out a list to see who is available for which events and then after talking to the coaches and consulting with the Portsmouth Team Manager, a team selection is made and the team is published by email and on the website.

A few of the rules:

  • U17 athletes may compete in the U20 age group but cannot compete in the same event in both age groups on the same day.
  • U17 athletes competing as U20s are restricted to 4 events and, if so doing, one must be a relay. A non-scoring event will count in the total.
  • In all field events, 3 competitors per team shall be permitted, all of whom will score. If there are two U17 competitors, then both shall compete in the U17 age group, if there are three U17 competitors then one shall compete in the U20 age group and two shall compete in the u17 age group. (For clarification: if there is only one U17 competitor then they must compete in the U17 age group).
  • In all individual track events, 2 competitors per team shall be permitted in each age group. In the U20 competition, if 2 athletes are entered, then at least one of them must be in the U20 age group. (For clarification: relays are not subject to this rule)
  • Each team is allowed to enter a non-scoring athlete in up to six events (of either age group) per gender per meeting. No more than three of these events, per gender, may be field events.

For more information about the YDL please see the website - this is where the results are posted a few days after each event.

For further details, please contact Kathryn Miles (kathryn.miles@wadac.org.uk).

Team Manager Kathryn Miles assisted by Steve Torrance

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