Sat 4th Mar 2017

The fixture at Reading that was cancelled will now be held on the 4th March

The fixture at Prospect Park, Reading that had to be cancelled on 14 January has been re-arranged for 4 March, which is a designated date for league events.

To avoid clashing with junior football matches, the timetable has been put back by 30 minutes, with the first race starting at 12:30.

For similar reasons and to help with parking, there will be NO UNDER 11 RACE at Reading.

1230Under 13 Girls3.0km
1245Under 13 Boys3.0km
1300Under 15 Girls4.0km
1320Under 15 Boys4.0km
1335*Under 17 Women4.0km
1405*Senior Women (including Veteran and Under 20 Women)6.0km
1440*Under 17 Men6.0km
1500*Senior Men (including Veteran and Under 20 Men)10.0km