Tue 5th Jun 2018

New to the club? Want to know more about events and activities? Got a question or idea?

We have a "new members briefing" on the first Tuesday of every month - 18.45 down at the track just before the main training session starts. It's an informal opportunity to meet one of the old(er) hands, hear about our activities and/or ask a question or two.

It's informal so just turn up a few minutes early on the first Tuesday of the month and seek out whoever is doing the new members briefing. You don't even have to be a new member, even established or prospective members can have questions to ask. Everyone is welcome.

It will be quick – 10-15 minutes - but you will also get a small handout to take away and read at your leisure. You will need to forego the drills but we will be done before 19.00 so you can still do the Tuesday training session.