Mon 21st Sep 2020

Nick sets out his usual lookahead and training session suggestions for the coming week

W/C 21st September

Monday easy runs and core

Tuesday Session at KG5….3 x 4 mins, 3 x 2 mins, 3 x 1 min all off 90 second jog

Wednesday 45-60 mins easy or 30 easy if running Good Wood this weekend.

Thursday - Hill and threshold session meeting at KG5 (8-10 x 40 sec hill with jog rec then 15 mins at threshold) OR 30 easy run and strides if running Good wood half or full this weekend. If running Dorney Full on 4th consider threshold built into 75 min run…..2 x 12 mins off 5 min jog.

Friday REST

Saturday - Easy runs or 40 mins with the last 20-25 at threshold on undulating route. Or light jog and strides if racing tomorrow.

Sunday - Long runs of 90 mins - 1.45 easy mostly off rd and undulating/hilly…Easy 60-75 if running Dorney next week on flat route.

Nick Anderson