India Lee Tri 2016

Photograph is of India Lee, WADAC member. She got into triathlon in 2013. By the summer of 2016, she was ETU European Champion.

New for 2018/19

New for 2018/19 and due to local interest, we are starting a junior duathlon/triathlon training group at Wadac. The aim, to encourage children into the sport and give them the confidence to enter an event.

Sessions will run as 5-6 week blocks at Bar End, leading to an event. The first will be this Autumn, then Spring and Summer. Lead by qualified Triathlon, Cycling, Swim and Athletics coaches as well as industry professionals.

For Year 4-8 initially and 40 children. Likely to be Saturday afternoons, 3-5pm.

Groups will be split by ability/age, covering bike handling skills, transitions, running and conditioning. Swimming training will be introduced when we secure time in a pool.

More information to follow.  No need to register yet.

WADAC are members of British Triathlon membership number C2390.