Sun 27th Nov 2016

We are looking for Volunteers to assist athletes crossing Bar End Road.

The Committee has agreed to implement a road safety scheme to offer assistance to athletes crossing the busy Bar End Road during training sessions. The scheme will run for a trial period.

Whilst it would be nice to have better road crossing facilities on Bar End Road (eg a pelican crossing, zebra crossing or patrol crossing), our ongoing negotiations with the highway authority are unlikely to result in any such facilities in the near future.

We shall therefore set up a rota of volunteers to assist athletes crossing Bar End Road where appropriate. The aim is to have two assistants per session wearing high viz jackets (to be provided by WADAC) available during our busy training sessions. These volunteers will only assist with safe crossing of the road and will not be able to direct or stop traffic (in accordance with highway authority guidelines).

I am looking for volunteers to join the rota for the following sessions:

Session 1             Tuesday evenings 5:15pm for 20 minutes

Session 2             Tuesday evenings 6:15pm for 25 minutes and 7:30pm to 8:00pm

Session 3             Wednesday evenings 6:15pm for 20 minutes and 7:50pm to 8:10pm

Session 4             Thursday evenings 5:15pm for 20 minutes

Session 5             Thursday evenings 6:15pm for 25 minutes and 7:30pm to 8:00pm

The more volunteers we have, the less commitment per person will be required.

The intention is to have volunteers helping athletes cross the road at the beginning and end of the training sessions so there is no requirement to hang around once athletes are with their coaches.

Once I have a list of volunteers, I shall do a brief to volunteers at the club house on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (details to follow).

If you wish to volunteer for this important task, please email the Club Chairman, Pete Spelman via indicating the session (s) you are available.

Thank you in anticipation.

Pete Spelman (Chairman of WADAC).