Thu 24th Aug 2017

Well that's all folks!

It was a great end to the season last night at the Eastleigh RR10 at Wide Lane Sports Ground.

It was flat (which was surprisingly hard work) and involved numerous laps around numerous playing fields. 4.8 miles in total.

Susy Perry was first lady for WADAC home (7th), and along with Sarah Reid (17th) and Harriet Hide (18th) made up our excellent A team.

Pete Sansome was once again first man home for WADAC (20th), Andy Parkinson (45th), Simon Williamson (55th), Pete Curtis (58th) and Derek Gilby (60th) made up our A men's team.

Well done all. Full results are available on RR10 website.

We managed to finish the season on fine form.

Our ladies' A team finished 3rd overall, B team joint 8th with Totton and C team 31st.

Our men's A team finished 10th overall, B team 20th and C team 38th.

So overall the highest placed WADAC for each category are below:

Senior Ladies  Charlie Hoskins  10th
V40 Ladies      Sam Parkinson    2nd
V50 Ladies      Melissa Callister   6th
V60 Ladies      Gill Goodwin       15th

Senior Men     Andrew Robinson 54th
V40 Men         Pete Sansome      14th
V50 Men         Lutz Preuss           16th
V60 Men         Martyn West            1st

On the RR10 Ranking table the highest placed male and female in WADAC for percentage of same sex runners beaten (average of best 6 races) is Pete Sansome 95.30% and Sam Parkinson 94.52%.

There are lots of unsung heroes not in the above lists who have turned out come rain or shine to run so thank you everybody. You are all great.

As you can see it is very stiff competition and next season it would be great if even more WADAC runners could run the RR10's and help show everyone else just how good WADAC are.

In the meantime let the CC6's commence!