Tue 19th Sep 2017

The first CC6 cross country race saw 25 Winchester runners compete in near perfect conditions at Fleming Park last Sunday.

11 women and 14 men from Winchester provided a strong presence at the first CC6 race on the Fleming Park course.  It was really good to see such a strong contingent.  

Kath Bailey, Imogen Emmett and Suzy Perry led the ladies, all three coming in the top 10.  Despite this strong showing we were pipped into second place by the women of Stubbington by a single point.  Joy Radford dominated the V60 category with a commanding win in her class.  The men delivered one of their strongest performances in recent times with Ben Healey, Matt Grote, Pete Sansome and David Vosser, winning the men's team a well earned second place.  Martyn West continued were he left off last season in the V60 category, he is very much the man to beat in the series, with another win in his class too.

Ben Healey 6, Matt Grote 7 V40, Pete Sansome 10 V40, David Vosser 31 V50, Peat Allen 32 V50, Patrick Warburton 34, Stephen Lowy 41 V40, Martyn West 48 V60, Colin McManus 60, Lucas Lyne 67 U19, Robert Bryan 68 V40, Adrian Haughton 69 V50, Andrew Robinson 70,  Steve Cluett 74 V40, Pete Watts 97 V60

Kath Bailey 3 V40, Imogen Emmett 5, Suzy Perry 6, Sam Parkinson 10 V40, Abbey Connor 12, Joy Radford 21 V60, Poppy Clements 25 U19, Rosie Upton 26, Isla Allen 31 U19, Madeline Vosser 45 V50, Sue Aldridge 78

The next race is on 1 October at Whitely.  It's a busy weekend for running so if you are free do come down and join in the fun.