Thu 16th Nov 2017

Applemore Sports Centre

Sundays results are available on the Hampshire Athletics website. A big thanks to all athletes who took part and also to all the parents & supporters who gave up their time to support our WADAC athletes. Further thanks to those assisted on Sunday, Martin McBriar, Heather Mballa, Paul Weeks, Morwenna Sullivan, Belinda Harvey. Pawlette Wright & Carol Manning.

 Under 11 Girls 3rd team Jemima Sullivan 7th ; Grace Weeks 11th ; Annabella Marsh 14th : Erin McBriar 28th : Talya Wright 29th : Elisa De Liberali 31st : Abi McBriar 32nd : Bethany Mballa 44th : Amber Harvey 50th

Under 11 Boys 3rd team Oscar Webb 7th ; Stan Parkinson 12th ; Sam Nicholson 17th : Joseph Benzie 20th ; Ben Woodcock 25th : Monty Wyatt 28th Billy Manning 34th.

Under 13 Boys Oscar Hoult 4th.

Under 13 Girls. Beth Thorpe3rd ; Emma Shedden 6th : Jasmine Jones 12th ; Anisha Mathema 15th ; Isobel Hollick 16th ; Kitty Manning 18th ; Lola Clements 21st

Under 15 Girls Freya Brannigan 2nd ; Alina Eichhorst 3rd : Sophie Torrance 5th ; Isabella Steven 7th Jessica Manning 8th

Steve Torrance