Thu 7th Dec 2017

Adrian Haughton was the winner of the December Handicap with Lynn McKeague in 2nd and Marc Lyne in 3rd

We had 18 runners out to contest the final race in the 2017 series including 3 very welcome event newbies in Marc Lyne, Phil Colman and Matt Lavers.  Adrian Haughton was our winner passing Lynn McKeague on the last bend with these two both holding off the fast-finishing Marc Lyne and Stephen Lowy.  It might have something to do with the Christmas Party having been the night before but these were the only 4 runners to meet or beat their handicaps.  We did have some close racing and 10 runners in the blanket finish it was just that tonight's sweet-spot was at +10secs.

Fastest on the night was again James Moore in 6'01 followed by Matt Grote in 6'22 and then Phil Colman came in with a 6'40 to join the honours board at No.38.  Another "newbie"  Marc Lyne also ran strongly in 6'45 going straight onto the honours board at No.46.  With three others (Robert Bryan, Stephen Lowy, Susy Perry) also going sub-7 it was a fairly speedy crowd out there to close the series.

The full results can be seen here : Harestock Handicap 2017 J Dec

Of course this completes the 2017 series - the 6th series since it's inception in 2012 - and there is much interest in the overall results.  That is a complicated process involving hours and hours of sophisticated calculations, then of course it has all to be verified by the authorities in Lausanne etc etc.  The winner will be announced and the trophy presented during a trip to the Bell Inn pub after next Thursdays SOS session, all welcome Thursday SOS - Christmas Chipshop & Chimes