Fri 2nd Feb 2018

Michael Oliver won the February Handicap from Mikaela Price with Paul Oxley in third

We had 29 runners out to contest the February Handicap, including 4 event newbies in Karen Rushton, Louise Claxton, Lee Hayes and Alex Rollings.  There were also 9 runners making their first appearance of 2018 including our winner who was making his first appearance since June 2012 !

It was a great night for the handicapper (himself returning a perfect par score of 10mins) because in a big field there were only 3 runners more than 18secs off their handicap, 12 runners managed to meet or beat their handicaps and 17 runners enjoyed the sprint that is the blanket finish "sweetspot".  Plus of course the family connection to the winner.....what a night!

So Michael Oliver was the winner with Mikaela Price second and Paul Oxley third.  It was a bit of a strange night though as none of the real speedsters came through the field - maybe something to do with the moon but it makes a nice change for the main body to hold them off and take the honours.

Fastest on the night was again James Moore with a relatively slow (for him) 5'58, second fastest was Matt Grote in 6'24 with one of our newbies Alex Rollings next in 6'26 - a time that puts him straight in at No.27 on the honours board.  There were other notable runs from another newbie Lee Hayes whose 6'54 gets on the board at No.59 and Adrian Haughton improved his PB to 6'58 so climbing to No.71.

The full results of the Feb Handicap are here : Harestock Handicap 2018 B Feb 

As ever it is too early be wondering about the overall standings but the old adage of turning out often and performing consistently holds still have time to get into the game and the March Handicap will be on Thursday 1st March.   For those still curious Paul Oxley currently leads with Adrian Haughton, Matt Lavers and Carrie Baker close behind.