Thu 19th Apr 2018

A Tale of Two Cities - Weather You Like It Or Not

Runners from WADAC tackled marathons in Brighton and Boston last weekend. After many weeks of unreliable weather , some of us were concerned about the potential for cold, wet and windy conditions in Brighton but, despite my own complaints about a slight headwind (really it was only a “headbreeze”) over the last few miles, and a bit of whinging about being slightly chilly while waiting for the start, the weather was perfect.

Andy Brown made the totally unreasonable assumption that Southern Rail would run trains in the morning, so had to run to the start, executing his own last minute rail-replacement strategy. Fiona Bolton assumed that booking a short taxi ride for 8am might mean she would arrive more than 4 minutes before the “go” just before 10am, and Sarah Gurney complained that the course was much hillier than she expected. But none of these stopped what turned out to be a “good day at the office” for WADAC.

Sarah Gurney was first WADAC finisher with a spectacular time of 3:06:23, 3rd in her age category and 15th lady overall. Sarah Shedden looked relaxed the whole way (how do you do that in a marathon?) and also finished with a great time of 3:13:40, in the top 10 for her age category and 26th lady overall (of over 7600 entrants). Caroline Prudenziati-Carr, Mikaela Price and Fiona Bolton, running her maiden marathon, showed the benefit of those winter hills and cathedral reps, all beating their pre-race objectives. Well done to all.

Amongst the men, Andy Brown “blew up spectacularly after 22 miles” but still managed 3:06:44. Andy was hoping for a bit quicker but that is a great time after a “spectacular blow up”, not to mention the extra km’s Andy did before the start as a rail-replacement service. I managed to keep a steady pace most of the way, meeting my targets at the end, as did Matt Lavers. But perhaps the most committed (maddest?) of us all was Mark Wilson, who not only ran the Brighton Marathon, but also runs the Southampton Marathon on Sunday… and, in between, turned out for the RR10 at Netley…. true dedication Mark!

After that, there was Matt Grote running the Boston Marathon on Monday! It is fairly certain that Matt would not have been sympathetic to complaints about slightly chilly temperatures, headbreezes or hills in Brighton! Boston had probably the worst conditions they have ever had for the Marathon. Temperatures close to freezing, torrential rain / sleet, and headwinds of 30-40mph made for brutal conditions with many elite athletes dropping out during the race and hundreds of runners being treated for hypothermia. But Matt is made of sterner stuff. Armed with his cold-weather outfit of vest and shorts, Matt battled everything that mother-nature could throw at him, finishing in 3 hours 25 minutes. Certainly he will be comparing any future race conditions favourably to that weather. Great effort Matt.

Next stop for WADAC for marathons: London and Southampton. Good luck to all.

Brighton Results

Sarah Gurney                         3:06:23
Sarah Shedden                       3:13:40
Caroline Prudenziati-Carr       3:33:03
Mikaela Price                         3:47:32
Fiona Bolton                          3:58:09

Andy Brown                           3:06:44 
Adrian Haughton                    3:18:26 
Mark Wilson                           3:52:49 
Matt Lavers                           4:29:28           

Boston Results

Matt Grote                              3:25:35