Thu 19th Apr 2018

James Espie finished 7th in the Northern Ireland leg of the UK Mountain Running championships - held in the Mountains of Mourne on 14th April (photo: Richard Cowan)

In an illustration of how the wonderful world of athletics takes many forms it turns out that the winner of last night's RR10 race was really just easing down from a fantastic 7th place finish in the NI leg of the UK Mountain running championships. 

The race in question was The Mourne Highline.  Designed as a journey through some of the high places in the Mountains of Mourne the course had something for everyone from grassy climbs, to rocky descents, to airy ridges - a real slice of adventure wrapped into approx. 15km and 1300m of climbing.  James completed this "medium length" mountain race in only 1h37m to take 7th place - congratulations !

Just goes to show what talent lies in the WADAC ranks, you never know who is doing what at the weekend!