Mon 4th Jun 2018

The WADAC team took second place in Vets Category at the 2018 South Downs Relay on Saturday 2nd June. 100miles, 6 runners per team, 2 support vehicles, 1amazing Team Manager, 18 stages, 3 stages per runner, 7.30am start at Beachy Head, self guided, finishing at Chilcomb 13 hours and 10mins later.


After a fraught week of injuries and illnesses 5 ladies and one chap formed the WADAC combined Vets team for the 2018 South Downs Relay on Saturday 2nd June 2018.  

The race started (for WADAC, there are rolling starts from 6am - 9am) at 7.30am in fog bound Beachy Head. Over the next 100 miles of challenging off-road running the amazing team of Kath Bailey, Karen Rushton, Karen Hazlitt, Marc Lyne, Jo Jefferies and Jane Gandee, each ran 3 stages of the 18 stage race, passing the baton as they ran.  Expertly transported by Jackie Ducker (Team Manager extraordinaire) and Pete Costley (with his side kick and our official timekeeper Colin Goater).

13 hours and 10 mins later we arrived at the finish at Chilcomb Sportsground to find that we were the 2nd Vets Team, not bad for 5 gals and a bloke with a combined age of 296.

Please do check out the Gallery of pics.