Sun 8th Jul 2018

Officials, volunteers and entries needed!

Hi all,

Entries information

A reminder that we'll be holding the annual Magic Mile time trial on Tuesday 31st July on the track from 7pm. Registration from 6.30pm

PLEASE ENTER IN ADVANCE. There will be no entries on the night as the heats are planned in advance so please ensure you enter by the deadline to avoid being disappointed

To enter, please email with your name and estimated time. Juniors - please check with your coach that they're happy for you to run. Juniors will run with seniors in an appropriately paced heat.

Entries must be in by 8am on Sunday 29th July. Please spread the word and remind people so everyone who would like to run enters on time.

Final details, heat times will be posted on the website on Sunday evening (29th) so please keep checking!

Officials information

We're in desperate need for qualified officials for this event and we really need your help!

The event will still take place if cannot find enough officials, but the results will not be official and therefore cannot be submitted to the Power of 10

We currently have: 3 timekeepers (Neil Wells, Simon Stevens, Neil Billington), 1 track judge (Karen Hazlitt) and 1 starter or marksman (John Fuller)

We need: 2 track judges, either a starter or a marksman, and some more unqualified helpers

Please, please, please ask around and if you know anyone willing to help then get in touch as soon as possible!

Thanks for your help (and especially to the officials who have volunteered to help already) and any questions please contact me.