Wed 4th Jul 2018

Wow, we did it again. Thank you Team WADAC. We keep opening up the gaps even more.

Winch ladies enjoyed finishing first team again, Louise Damen being first lady finisher overall, Kathy Bailey 3rd and Georgia Wood 5th (Georgia's first appearance of many hopefully, running like a superstar whilst bringing along and feeding her very recent baby!).

We also finished 2nd ladies team (Lucy Elliott 6th, Susy Perry 9th and Ruth Churchill's (first of many appearances) 10th) which was superb as we widen the point difference between us and Stubbington Green who now have 14 points and we have 7.

Incidentally, our ladies C team finished 5th! Which is phenomenal. (Sam Parkinson 11th, Natalie Cain 12th and Sarah Shedden 13th). We smashed it.

Our men's team finished 3rd! Chris Powner 5th, Pete Sansome 9th, James Moore 14th, Julian Mann 17th and Wayne Bevan 31st. We still stay 4th in the overall league as we have 21 points and Southampton has 16. We can do this.

Full results available on

Photos courtesy of Paul A Hammond, thank you Paul. Link below for photos.

A total of 176 ladies ran at Wide Lane and 239 men. WADAC had 17 ladies and 22 men. Special mention to Mikaela Price who came to run her first RR10 ever on her birthday! If you have not yet done an RR10, come along, see what you are missing.

Come on all, the next RR10 is next Wednesday 11th July 7.30pm at Whiteley. This really is a very lovely cross country course through lots of trees, so hope to see you all there.

Louise Damen 1

Kathy Bailey 3

Georgia Wood 5

Lucy Elliott 6

Susy Perry 9

Ruth Churchill 10

Sam Parkinson 11

Natalie Cain 12
Sarah Shedden 13

Karen Hazlitt 15

Charlotte Hoskins 23

Emma Carter 24

Joy Radford 39

Mikaela Price 42

Fiona Bolton 47

Louise Snook 56

Sarah Aldridge 154


Chris Powner 5

Pete Sansome 9

James Moore 14

Julian Mann 17

Wayne Bevan 31

Andy Parkinson 40

Jono Brown 58

Simon Williamson 59

Peat Allan 63

Tom Watson 70

Stephen Lowy 73

Martyn West 77

Steve Cluett 101

Martin Davies 108

Colin Mcmanus 112

Mark Wilson 128

Steve Goodwin 145

Steve Torrance 147

Dave Walker 162

Pete Watts 171

Derek Smith 177

Matt Lavers 197