Thu 21st Feb 2019

England Athletics have created a series of representative events from 10km up to Marathon distance offering the chance for athletes from all Masters age groups to qualify and represent England in competition against athletes from the Celtic Nations.

The England Athletics Masters competition series aims to provide aspirational opportunities for the many affiliated club runners aged 35 years and above. The programme aims to complement the work of existing masters’ competition and we work closely with the British Masters Athletics Federation who have given their support to the programme.   

We also work with race providers who are supportive of making these races a high-quality competition for master runners and provide a sub-elite start so that the teams do not have to start with the masses. Masters runners who qualify for the elite start by right can do so.  

The Masters representative events for 2019 include:
Sunday 26th May – Great Birmingham 10k
Sunday 1st September – Maidenhead Half Marathon
Sunday 20th October – Asda Foundation Yorkshire Marathon

Further information about the programme and ways of qualifying for the England team can be found at the link below. https://www.englandathletics.o...

Qualification for the Celtic Nations team is a little different and there is more info available in the invitation email being sent out to the Celtic Nations:
Road Running Celtic Invites

It is great fun and a chance to represent your country, wear the vest and race a mass event from a special "sub-elite" pen up at the front.  If you'd like more info speak with Sarah Gurney or Steve Oliver