Mon 24th Jun 2019

The results from the Alresford 10k are in and the Hants Road Race League standings have been updated. With only the Lordshill 10k remaining it is now pretty easy to judge the likely outcomes for the end of the season.

There is some very good news, some not so good news and at least one point of interest.

WADAC Ladies’ A-Team cannot now be beaten and will definitely win Ladies’ A-Division-1.
WADAC Gents’ A-Team cannot now be beaten and will definitely win Men’s A-Division-1.

Not so good:
WADAC Ladies’ B-Team cannot now win Ladies’ B-Division-1 and will definitely finish 2nd behind Lordshill B.

WADAC Men’s B-Team are currently at the top of Men’s B-Division-1 with 22 points just ahead of Lordshill B with 25 points.
However as the final standings are based on a team’s best 9 results out of 12 it is worth noting that Lordshill B’s current “worst best” is a 6th place, whereas WADAC B’s is a 5th place. This means that if Lordshill win the next B-Div race (a distinct possibility on home soil) it would leave them on 20 points and then WADAC B would have to come 2nd in order to hold onto the top slot in the table (with 19 points).
Basically it’s wide open.

There have also been some impressive individual results and particularly noteworthy is Susy Perry’s current 4th place overall in the ladies’ league. Can she sneak up to 3rd after Lordshill 10k?

Many thanks to everybody that has taken part in any of this season’s HRRL races and played their part in ensuring all of this splendid WADAC success. It’s been a great season all round and certainly the best for our men for many years.