Mon 25th Nov 2019

Andy Fisher attends the England Athletics combined events workshop at Loughborough University.

As part of coach development, England Athletics organise a number of discipline specific workshops between October and March. For combined events this took place at Loughborough University over the weekend of 23/24 Nov and I went along. The workshop was full of practical demonstrations and engaging presentations by some of the country's leading coaches. Indeed, day 1 included an insightful number of hours with one of the world's best combined events coaches Bertrand Valcin, coach to decathlon world record holder Kevin Mayer and GB's world heptathlon champion KJT.

Unlike the initial coach education, which gives you the tools to obtain your coaching licence, these development sessions are far more practical in terms of specific technical coaching skills, and provide an invaluable part of development as a coach as well as the opportunity to network with great coaches from across the country and the governing body's coaching leads.

The workshop has highlighted some things I am doing wrong, reinforced a lot of things I am doing right, but also given me some great new ideas which I look forward to putting into practice on the Winchester track.