Handicap Race

Fri 6th Mar 2020

Congratulations to Kirsty Scragg winner of the March Harestock Handicap ahead of Matt Lavers in 2nd and Rick Pike in 3rd.

On what might be called a driech night 20 runners turned out to contest the March Handicap including 4 very welcome event newbies in Alexa Gandy, Kate Green, Dave Ingram and Will Harding. We also had Paul Oxley and Ian Parker making their first appearances of the year and Mark Lyne was also there making one of his once in a blue moon attempts at the event.

With tricky conditions underfoot and some standing water on the course it wasn't a night for fast times and only 4 runners managed to meet or beat their handicaps. Such is the fun of handicap racing however that we still had 11 runners crossing the line in the thrilling sweetspot that is the blanket finish.

Our winner on the night was Kirsty Scragg at only her second attempt at this event, some folks try for years and are still hopeful! Matt Lavers was 2nd and Rick Pike 3rd. Down the field the handicapper was in a tough mood and not handing out any freebies so deservedly trailed home last, justice !

Fastest on the night was Dan Carter with 6'22, Will Harding was 2nd fastest and his fine 6'25 puts him straight in at 31st on the honours board and 3rd was Jack Roland with 6'28 improving his PB and climbing to No37 on the board. All good times but on a better day these 3 all have more to come.

As regards the overall standings it is still very early days but Rick Pike is off to a good start as are Mark Craven, Jack Roland, Steve Cluett, Mikaela Price, Carrie Oliver, Kirsty Scragg, Uncle Tom Cobley and all. Just as important at this stage is that there are now only 6 people in the whole world who still have a chance of winning a coveted "12 out of 12" medal.

The April 2020 Handicap will be, as ever, on the first Thursday of the month...the 2nd April 2020. With a bit of luck we might have some daylight and some Spring weather so hopefully some close racing and fast times. The April handicap will be the 100th running of the Harestock Handicap event so it would be good to have a mahoosive turnout and maybe you'd like to wear something special too....lots of parkrun "100" shirts maybe?

Meet at the track 18.45 for 19.00 (or by concession at the bus-stop and warmed up ready for about 19.20).
All welcome we can make up suitable handicaps for newbies on the night.
SteveO will be leading the session.