Sat 23rd May 2020

Here is our fifth weekly email setting out what is on next week. If you would like to include anything please let me know.


The following sessions (that we know of – there may be more) are taking place, either using online platforms or by following training programmes provided. These are mainly for their groups but some are open to a wider audience:

  • Club adult or junior sessions, hosted by Nick Anderson and supported by other coaches on Tuesdays (open to up to 100 participants). Next week (26 May) will be the juniors zoom session starting at 6pm. A separate email will be sent around about that shortly.
  • Junior 500 Rep Challenge: See separate email. Closing date: 26th May.
  • David Vosser (endurance) – athletes are following a monthly programme which has been circulated.
  • Andy Parkinson – adult strength and conditioning sessions online Monday at 7pm each week:

Andy Parkinson is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 858 7415 1031

Password: 528846

  • Steve Torrance – Online session consisting of warm up : exercise session : Sportshall event : fun challenge : quiz on (Thursdays at 6.30pm for an hour).
  • John Miller – athletes are following a programme concentrating on strength/elastic and conditioning while maintaining good aerobic capacity.
  • George Ogilvie (sprints and hurdles) – online strength and conditioning, skills and drills and nutrition sessions 3 times each week (Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:15pm).
  • Elias Mtshweni – online Zoom pole vault session on Wednesdays at 5pm. Sessions for sprinters on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5pm.
  • Dave Sherry and Gary Bettridge (hurdles) – online strength and conditioning twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • Andy Fisher (multi events and jumps) - online sessions, circuits, workouts and games and challenges, and adapted training plans. Andy has also created a YouTube channel:

England Athletics Update on Competition (and Training) Planning 2020 and Latest Statement from 15th May

England Athletics Webinars for Athletes

19:00 Tuesday 26 May – Live Interview and Q&A with Abigail Irozuru Featuring Abigail Irozuru – multiple British and English medallist in long jump: https://www.englandathletics.o...

Expert Interviews, including Donna Fraser, Jenny Meadows and Hayley Carruthers: https://www.englandathletics.o...

Interview with Kelly Sotherton on her aspirations and goals for the team at Birmingham 2022:

Weekly Challenge with Jenny Meadows: Week 7: Flexibility Challenge:

Previous weekly challenges https://www.englandathletics.o...

Other Online Resources from England Athletics

England Athletics has made available some useful resources for parents and children including:

England Athletics Young Athletes Home Workouts with Parents:

England Athletics Virtual Club Nights: https://www.englandathletics.o...

England Athletics Fun Athletics @home for children aged 4-11 videos:

England Athletics Fun Athletics @home for 11+ year olds resources: https://www.englandathletics.o...

Running Expert Tips and Advice: https://www.englandathletics.o...

England Athletics resource on running at home: https://www.englandathletics.o...


England Athletics provides some resources that you may find useful: https://www.englandathletics.o...

In particular, these scenarios for each of the disciplines look to be informative: https://www.englandathletics.o...


Please do renew your membership with us so you can take part in these sessions.


If you wish to join any of the sessions please contact the relevant coach via to be put in contact with the relevant coach. Tuesday’s club sessions will be posted on the website, Facebook and sent around by email.