Tue 4th Aug 2020

Head Endurance Coach Nick Anderson shares his latest update on training (& virtual racing) strategies for the coming fortnight

Hi all,

My thoughts for the next two week block are below. You will see that I’m still working towards an autumn marathon for some with shorter options and thoughts towards our final virtual races and then autumn hopeful real racing for everybody else. .

It very much looks as though VLM will be an elite only race on a 2k loop in and around the Mall (Kipchoge V Bekele and a few Brits) as things currently stand. Hugh Brasher promises to announce a final decision early next week depending on latest government guidelines and permission from the highways agency. If London falls for the championship starters don’t forget the Wrexham option for 300-400 runners on the same day which is looking hopeful. Amsterdam is also still taking places for all…..

However, with R numbers rising we are looking far more likely to see local races, the Hants XC league from November and virtual racing as the way forward for the rest of the real running world in 2020……

Let’s see what’s announced this week but 2 more weeks of marathon prep for some will bank excellent work for 2021 and get you ready for whatever the autumn looks like. For everybody, we crack on as normal and will look to recreate a virtual Hants Rd race league and more with the hope some small races and XC can go ahead.

Tuesday and `Thursday nights are now normal numbers but we are trying to keep a ratio of 12 athletes to each coach. This keeps us well within the EA Covid Safe self assessed policy and works well for Winchester College.

Keep up the good work everybody and have fun with training ideas below.

W/C 3rd August

Monday easy runs and core with Andy P 7pm Zoom

Tuesday - session 6 mins threshold (2) then 8 x 600 (or 2 mins) @ 3k-5k pace off (75-90) . Easy run + strides if RR10 is a priority tomorrow.

Wednesday - 45-60 mins easy with core after OR RR10 race 11

Thursday - RR10 or club training with 5 x 5 mins at threshold and fun warm ups as usual. OR Harestock Handicap for August

Friday Rest or easy run

Saturday Those looking at next weeks RR10 aim to run 45 mins over an off rd hilly route and add in 2 sets of 4,3,2,1 mins fartlek off 90 jog recovery. This in marathon mode easy run today before tomorrow long run.

Sunday - Long runs of 90 mins easy but pick up the last 20 mins to controlled threshold…if in marathon build for autumn look for 2-3k warm up then 2 x 8k @ mp off 2-3k easy run recovery with 2-3k easy run after. Maybe 25-30k total running. Keep the MP on the flatter Winchester routes along the water meadows and river park

W/C 10th August

Monday easy runs and core with Andy P 7pm Zoom

Tuesday 8-12 x 800 or 3 mins with odd dos at threshold / even fast at 5k pace off 75-90 seconds

Wednesday 45-60 mins easy

Thursday - 5 x 5 mins at threshold as per last week. Marathon group can run the threshold session or easy 75-90 if extra volume required.

Friday REST

Saturday - Easy runs if running long with MP tomorrow. If running 90 mins and not in marathon prep then consider a hill session with: 6 mins threshold (3) then 2 x (6-8 x 30 second fast hill off 60 jog rec) Take 2-3 mins between sets then 6 mins threshold after if feeling good to complete session.

Sunday - Long runs of 90 mins easy last 20 pick up to threshold…if in marathon build and your last few weeks have been over for 2 hours then cut back to 90 this week. If not its time to run 2.30 easy or 18-20 miles with the last 10k at MP

Keep up the good work everybody

Nick Anderson


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