Tue 18th Aug 2020

Head Endurance Coach Nick Anderson shares his latest update on training (& virtual racing) strategies for the coming fortnight

Dear All,

Well done with all of the recent TT results and fabulous sessions I keep seeing on club nights at Gater Field each Tuesday and Thursday. Despite the crazy period we are in I’m seeing real progress and I just hope many of you get to race a real event soon of some kind soon to prove the form. There are some events that could happen with Kew 10k, Goodwood 5/10/half and full and also Dorney lake events maybe starting up soon with a half on September 5th taking entries at Dorney. Plus our local trail event, the Clarendon (mara, half, relay) is still going ahead on 4th October.

Whether these go ahead or not we will still have the fabulous virtual options for you with the HRRL and other options coming your way thanks to Steve. We are both due to share a beer and plan options for the autumn and winter very soon to replace all you are missing.

The Hants League XC is due to also start (maybe) in November so there will be a virtual XC option of some kind in October before we maybe get to do the real thing a month later.

Our endurance nights at Gater Field have been a real success for all and a massive thank you to Andy for his coaching and Pete, Kathy and Steve for their admin support along with others. The boys at WinColl return at the end of this month and head straight into quarantine thus requiring the school to go into lockdown to create a bubble before term starts. We therefore need to leave Gater Field until next spring and will move to King George Vth (next to the stadium) from hopefully Tuesday 1st September. I’m currently chatting with the council to secure the field exclusively for WADAC for this autumn and winter giving us an endurance base on good firm grass with all our extra lights (we have loads). There will also be some road sessions taking place and more…..but our regular base for most work will be KGV hopefully where we can be safe and socially distance whilst training hard.

We will write to confirm this and more when all is firmly in place.

Keep training hard and let’s build for the many options this autumn and winter.

Well done,

W/C 17th August

Monday easy runs and core

Tuesday - session …..8-12 x 400 (60) then 3-5 min jog before 3-4k @ threshold. OR….Easy run + strides if RR10 is a priority tomorrow.

Wednesday - 45-60 mins easy with core after OR RR10 race 12

Thursday - RR10 or club training with 5 x 5 mins at threshold and fun warm ups as usual.

Friday Rest or easy run

Saturday For those wanting a strong 5k TT next week or looking at a real september 10k - 6/8 x 3 mins at 5k pace off 90 jog. Those in real or virtual marathon mode should run easy unless you missed Tuesday or `Thursday this week in which case select one of those sessions accordingly.

Sunday - Long runs of 90 mins easy but pick up the last 20 mins to controlled threshold…if in marathon build for autumn look for a longer slow run of 2.30 - 2.45 or 18-22 miles…maybe pick up the last 5k to MP or feel.

W/C 24th August

Monday easy runs and core

Tuesday 8-12 x 800 or 3 mins with odd dos at threshold / even fast at 5k pace off 75-90 seconds. Easy runs or rest if racing 5k TT (Lakeside) tomorrow or thursday.

Wednesday 45-60 mins easy OR Lakeside 5k TT

Thursday - 5 x 5 mins at threshold as per last week. Marathon group can run the threshold session or easy 75-90 if extra volume required.

Friday REST

Saturday - Easy runs if running long with MP tomorrow. If running 90 mins and not in marathon prep then consider a hill session with: 6 mins threshold (3) then 2 x (6-8 x 30 second fast hill off 60 jog rec) Take 2-3 mins between sets then 6 mins threshold after if feeling good to complete session.

Sunday - Long runs of 90 mins easy last 20 pick up to threshold…if in marathon build and your last few weeks have been over for 2 hours then cut back to 80-90 this week. If not its time to run 2.30-2.45 with 3 x 5k @ MP built in off 3k easy run recovery.

Keep up the good work everybody

Nick Anderson