Sun 30th Aug 2020

Head Endurance Coach Nick Anderson shares his latest update on training (& virtual racing) strategies for the coming fortnight

Hi everybody,

Please find my general thoughts for club training below as we move into September and the start of autumn & winter training. I’m aware a few of you are still building towards autumn virtual or real marathons so there are some marathon specific runs and suggestions mixed into the offering and please select as required.

We would usually at this time of year move into our XC or pre winter focus with hill training, rd race league and XC specific sessions being included. Our Tuesday sessions will be at King George V playing fields beside the track at Bar End and will take place all winter with lots of lighting and the grass rarely gets heavy or too muddy. I would like us to look at making most Thursdays in this period of the year hill training & threshold work combined giving us strength, power and endurance in the same session. We will advise on the locations very soon but hills will be very much on the agenda alongside threshold work on Thursday nights with Tuesdays remaining as higher intensity 5k-10k or XC themed efforts. Saturdays can then become easy runs or sustained threshold work before your Sunday long runs.

I plan to include the water meadow relays for all on Sunday 20th September as fab new opportunity for the club within this plan. Steve will update further but a fast 5k relay leg early on Sunday morning could work as a good sharpener at this time of year for any event coming up soon …A 5k warm up and cool down could then form your Sunday long run whilst supporting others on the route.

We will announce further virtual racing opportunities soon to replace HRRL up to Xmas and the XC missed in October.

Keep training hard and stay safe


W/C 31st August

Monday easy runs and core

Tuesday - session at KG5…..Or 5 -6 x 4 mins at XC/10k pace off 90 second jog then 4-5 x 1 min at 3k pace off 60 seconds.

Wednesday - 45-60 mins easy

Thursday - Threshold running at KG5 OR Harestock Handicap……if training alone try 45 mins with 3 x 7 mins at threshold built in off 2 min jog recovery. If in marathon prep maybe look to run 75-80 mins and include the handicap event as an MP block or include the threshold session as MP blocks

Friday Rest or easy run

Saturday Easy running - 45-60 mins

Sunday - Long runs of 90 mins easy but last 30 mins include 4 x 6 mins at controlled threshold or half marathon effort off 2 min easy run recovery…if in marathon build for autumn look for a 20-21k continuous effort at your planned marathon pace on a flat route with drinks and gels. This would be best completed as 5k easy then half marathon at mp then 5k easy.

W/C 7th September

Monday easy runs and core

Tuesday Session at KG5 or 3-4 sets of 3,2,1 min fartlek off 60 second jog recovery. This should be run as 3,2,1,3,2,1,3,2,1 etc with mins at threshold (90) 2 mins at XC pace (90) then 1 min faster…….then onto the next set.

Wednesday 45-60 mins easy

Thursday - Hills and threshold on the rd in winchester…..venue TBC 8-12 x 30-45 second hill off 90 jog then 3-4k at threshold on a flat route after. If in marathon prep look to run 80-90 mins with 3 x 2 miles at MP or threshold off a 5 min float recovery.

Friday REST

Saturday - Easy runs or 40 mins with the last 20 at threshold.

Sunday - Long runs of 90 mins - 1.45 easy mostly off rd and undulating/hilly…

if in marathon build this could be your last big weekend…..try either 20 miles with 10 easy/ 10 @ MP OR 35k progression run of 10k easy, 10k mp, 5k easy/5k mp, 2k easy, 3k fast

Nick Anderson

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