Mon 12th Oct 2020

Head Endurance Coach Nick Anderson shares his latest update on training (& racing) strategies for the coming fortnight

Hi all,

Big well done to all who have raced over the last couple of weekends. Fabulous results at Goodwood, Dorney, VLM Virtual and Clarendon for the club with many fast times and pb moments despite the wet and windy weather! Many of you have qualified for championship or GFA places next year once again!

Congratulations also to Sarah Gurney for setting a new club record in the V45 marathon with 2.53 and Tamsin Anderson with 79 mins in the half and new V40 club record.

I do hope those of you who raced the half recently had an easy week with some extra rest days after to freshen up. Those who raced a marathon really should look at 7-10 days of rest then some easy runs to build back before getting back into our full and busy WADAC program.

I’m still planning to host an evening of XC relays on KG5 field in November and will let you know the Tuesday date soon. This will be 3k legs and teams of 3.

My thoughts and advice for the next two weeks below. We now move away fully from full marathon and half prep options and work for a period on XC & 10k themed work boosting VO2, power and strength. I will start to add full and half marathon options from January as spring longer rd race options become clearer and are 10-14 weeks away.

Please keep in touch with (Tuesday) and Cathy (Thursday) to register for the evening club sessions and to help us with contact tracing details.

Myself and Tamsin head off to Scotland and the North West Highlands for a holiday with lots of mountain running next week. Big thanks to Parky for running the sessions whilst I’m away and always supporting along with the rest of our coaching team!

Stay safe,

W/C 12th October

Monday easy runs and core

Tuesday - session at KG5…..Or 6 mins threshold (3) + 2 x 4,3,2,1 mins off 90 jog between each rep….4min at XC (90), 3 min at 5k (90), 2 min at 3k (90), 1 min fast…..2-3 mins jog between sets

Wednesday - 45-60 mins easy

Thursday - Hill and threshold session meeting at KG5 (8-10 x 40 sec hill with jog rec then 2 x 10 mins at threshold)

Friday Rest or easy run

Saturday Easy runs OR 45 with last 20-25 mins at threshold on hilly off rd route.

Sunday - Long runs of 90-100 mins easy.

W/C 19th October

Monday easy runs and core

Tuesday Session at KG5 …OR 5 mins threshold (3) + 2-3 sets off 2 x 3 min XC pace (75) + 1 min fast. 2-3 mins between sets

Wednesday 45-60 mins easy

Thursday - Hill and threshold session meeting at KG5 (8-10 x 40 sec hill with jog rec then 15 mins at threshold)

Friday REST

Saturday - Easy runs or 45- 60 mins with 6.5,4,3,2,1 mins fartlek pick ups off 90 second easy run on off rd undulating route

Sunday - Long runs of 90 mins - 1.45 easy mostly off rd and undulating/hilly… or flatter if legs heavy.

Nick Anderson