Sun 14th Feb 2021

Head Endurance Coach Nick Anderson shares his latest update on training (& racing) strategies for the coming fortnight

Hi everybody,

Big well done to you all with the EA 5 mile results we can see coming in every hour. Fantastic performances in far from ideal conditions with this super cold wind! Big thanks also to Steve and the team for making this all happen. Please do enter your results on the WADAC site using DDD and also then the EA website linking to open track if you want your time recorded nationally. We have until the 22nd so there is plenty of time to run again in much warmer predicted conditions (15 degrees and sunny! next weekend) if you want? Good luck to all WADAC teams and fab to see nearly 70 entries from road running at the club.

The next 2 weeks of suggested training are below and include next weekend's opportunity to run the EA 5 miles or National XC virtual on the Saturday with good long runs at easy pace the day after. Weekend two includes the water meadows 20 options with some progression run ideas for those serious about a spring half or full marathon in April or May once we start to unlock.

I’m hearing positive noises from contacts at UK sport and elsewhere that outdoor activity could be relaxed in March and definitely by April. Covid safe events should get the green light as they did last autumn (Goodwood & Dorney etc) and we may be able to return to group training as before in small numbers/ratios. Whatever the ratio, we will use the wave rep system we tried just before lockdown 3 kicked in until the summer.

I know its tough training alone or with just one other but please do keep going. Spring & summer will soon be here and we want to be ready.

There may also be a zoom evening on injury prevention and how to use foam rollers, self massage and much more very soon. I have a couple of top running physios coming back to me with availability. All TBC….

Stay safe,

W/C 15th Feb

Monday - easy runs and core with Parky

Tuesday - 6-8 x 3 mins fast at 5k-10k effort off 90 second jog, then 5 min jog. Then add 3-4 x 80 seconds (or 400 @ 3k pace) off 45-60 seconds rec.

Wednesday - 45-60 easy run & core

Thursday - 30-45 easy if running fast this weekend OR 15/15/15 progression run if needing a workout. Aim for each 15 min segment to build in effort and pace with the last 15 at threshold. Add 4-6 x 80m stride after focusing on technique and leg turnover.

Friday - ……Rest or easy runs

Saturday - Virtual National XC run (see Steve’s notes) Or another crack at the EA5 mile in warmer conditions! Alternatively try a 45-60 min run with 25-30 mins at controlled threshold build in on an undulating route.

Sunday - 90 mins - 2 hours all relaxed if in 10k - half marathon mode. If training for a spring marathon 2 hours - 2.30 all relaxed practicing gels and drinks aiming for 16-20 miles.

W/C 22nd Feb

Monday easy runs and core with Parky

Tuesday 5-6 x 5 mins @ threshold with last 30 -60 seconds of each block picking up to 5k or XC effort. All off 90 second jog recovery.

Wednesday 45 easy

Thursday As per last Thursday or, if in marathon prep consider 75-80 easy pace.

Friday REST

Saturday 45-60 easy & core

Sunday Water Meadows 20 or easy long runs.

If in 10k - half marathon mode try 25k progression run with:
5k easy
5k half marathon pace
5k easy
5k half marathon pace
2k easy
3k @10k effort

If in marathon mode try 32k or 20 miles with:
5 miles easy
5 miles MP
5 miles easy
3 miles MP
2 miles either @ MP or picking up to threshold.

Practice your pre-run breakfast, drinks and gels.

Nick Anderson