Mon 22nd Feb 2021

Special (not) parkrun in memory of Adrian Haughton

Following the sad passing of Adrian Haughton, Winchester parkrun team wanted to arrange something to give everyone a chance to be part of the day and to commemorate and honour Adrian.

They are asking people to run a (not)parkrun on the day of Adrian’s funeral which is on Tuesday 9th March. I am sure many WADAC members will want to support this event in commemoration of Adrian’s life. It will allow people to dedicate some time to remember Adrian, do a little activity, which he definitely would have approved of, show support for Janet and the family and to be part of the day.

All you have to do is walk, jog or run a 5k (could be outside, could be on a tread mill); then log it as a (not)parkrun through your parkrun profile. Please do obey all the prevailing social distancing guidelines and avoid the official Winchester parkrun course at North Walls Rec.

If you’ve not registered for parkrun you can do so at:

Coaching Sessions

Below are details of the sessions some coaches are planning. Some of these are open to those athletes that normally train with another coach. Before joining, please clear this with your usual coach.

Senior endurance suggestions:

W/C 22nd Feb

Monday easy runs and core with Parky

Tuesday 5-6 x 5 mins @ threshold with last 30 -60 seconds of each block picking up to 5k or XC effort. All off 90 second jog recovery.

Wednesday 45 easy

Thursday As per last Thursday. Or, if in marathon prep consider 75-80 easy pace.

Friday REST

Saturday 45-60 easy & core

Sunday Water Meadows 20 Or easy long runs.

If in 10k - half marathon mode try 25k progression run with:

5k easy

5k half marathon pace

5k easy

5k half marathon pace

2k easy

3k @10k effort

If in marathon mode try 32k or 20 miles with:

5 miles easy

5 miles MP

5 miles easy

3 miles MP

2 miles either @ MP or picking up to threshold.

Practice your pre run breakfast, drinks and gels.

Adult Endurance Strength and Conditioning

Andy Parkinson will be running sessions on Mondays at 7pm. These are charged for. Please contact Andy Parkinson if you wish to join:

Junior Session with Nick Anderson on Wednesday 24th Feb at 5:30pm

Topic: Nick Anderson's Zoom Meeting Junior Core & Strength

Time: Feb 24, 2021 05:30 PM London

Simon Harvey has the zoom details.


2 weekly sessions and a weekly challenge distributed to athletes. Please contact

David Sherry

Zoom session on Tuesdays - 6.15-6.55pm. Contact

George Ogilvie

Multi-sport, speed and power zoom coaching sessions during lockdown.

Monday and Thursday 6.30-7.45 pm (Indoors)

Saturday – self-motivated outdoor speed and aerobic development for multi-sport athletes. Sessions posted on TeamApp and will be tailored to the athlete.


U13 Academy

Andy Fisher is taking zoom sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5.30pm. Contact

Official Courses

In normal times, we are always looking for help during matches and the club is short of qualified officials. Every year and in every club a very small number of fantastic officials try their very best to fill all the officials’ places at the home and away matches but are unable to do so. This causes serious difficulties on the competition day and means events go on for far too long. Also the WADAC team lose points for not fielding the correct number of coaches.

There is a great opportunity to train online to become a field official, a starter or an endurance official this year. The online field official courses are from 10am to 3pm including an hour lunch break. The starter official course is from 10 – 12:30.

Dates are as follows:

Wednesday 10th March – field

Saturday 13th March – starter

Sunday 18th April – field

Thursday 29th April – field

The cost is £20 which WADAC will reimburse once you have officiated at your first match. The course is open to anyone aged 14 and above.

WADAC will make a small financial contribution to officials in full-time education and our other officials are entitled to claim expenses that they occur in attending matches ( When coaches are provided to away matches, officials may travel on the coach for free.

Once you have completed the course, you will be a trainee. To become a Level 1 official, you need to officiate at 4 matches. Please contact for further details.

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