Thu 29th Apr 2021

No fewer than 5 club records already broken this season

Barely a few weeks since restrictions were lifted and competitions restarted, the club has a huge number of performances recorded in their track & field rankings.

Largely thanks to the Winchester Open meeting, lots of the clubs athletes have had a chance to put a performance down and these will no doubt improve as the season goes on and the weather gets warmer.

The rankings play an important part for the clubs head coaches to select the clubs strongest possible teams but also identify everybody in the club who is competing as there is room for everybody to be selected in our various team events.

The club facilitates everyone who wants to compete so if your name isn't on the ranking list please speak to your coach about the many competitions that are available for you to do so. You will also hear soon from our track & field Team Managers about how selection works for our various Team track & field competitions with the first of these just a month away.

The womens rankings feature no less than 4 new club records and 8 further performances in the clubs all time top 3 list and the mens rankings demonstrate a new club record and 5 further performances in the clubs all time top 3 list.

Rankings shown below.

Wadac Track Field Womens Rankings 2021

Wadac Track Field Mens Rankings 2021 Xls