Wed 15th Sep 2021

Welcome to the Overton 5 the first race of the 2021/22 Grand Prix season. The HRRL committee have made two changes to their rules which have been reflected in our Grand Prix competition.

Rule changes

  • HRRL have decided that your finishing position will be determined by chip time, previously it was by gun time – So the Main Competition in our grand prix now also uses chip time. (Our Age-adjusted Competition always has used chip time).
  • HRRL Ladies’ teams now consist of 4 ladies (previously it was 3). We enter 3 teams so now our first 12 ladies count. So just like the men in our grand prix the 1st WADAC lady home receives 13 grand prix points, the 2nd: 12 points, 3rd: 11 points … 12th: 2 points and every lady after that receives 1 point.

Finally note this year there are only 10 races instead of the usual 12.

Please see the HRRL Grand Prix pages for the individual race performances and Ladies or Men for the summary tables.