Tue 18th Jan 2022

Head Endurance Coach Nick Anderson shares his thoughts and the latest update on training (& racing) strategies for the coming fortnight.

Hi everybody,

Big well done over the last weekend at both the Hants league XC & Hants RRL with the 10k at Stubbington. More brilliant performances as WADAC continues to deliver top results and numbers early in 2022. Keep up the great work and make sure you’ve planned the weeks ahead. If XC focused please let Parky and Charlie know if you want to run the National XC end of February….I’m keen the club really goes for this key event with our juniors and seniors at Parliament Hill.

If road focused be sure your Ryde and Salisbury 10 entries are in place and sorted as we continue our fine form in the rd race league.

There will be an announcement and registration for Welsh Castles very soon too!!

Training is very much focused on 10k- half marathon just now and this covers all upcoming key longer XC events and rd races on the horizon. Please use the ideas below as a guide and feel free to move days about, take additional rest or easy days as you prepare for your key spring goals.

Keep up the great work and see you all at training .


W/C 17th January

Monday - easy runs

Tuesday WADAC Session on the TRACK 8-12 x 800 with odd numbers @ threshold and even @ 5k pace (90) recovery jog

Wednesday - 45-60 easy run & core

Thursday Threshold and hills - meet at River Walk 7pm …or 2 x 10 mins @ threshold + 6-8 x 45 sec hill after

Friday Rest

Saturday - if preparing for Ryde/Salisbury 10 I suggest 60 easy today and focus more on effort in long run tomorrow.

Sunday 90-1.45 with 2 x 5k @ threshold/HMP built in off 10 mins easy run recovery

W/C 24th January

Monday - easy runs & core with Parky

Tuesday - WADAC TRACK 5-6 sets of 1200/400. Aim for 1200 at 5k-10k pace (45-60 rec) then 400 @ 3k pace…2 mins between each set…

Wednesday - 45-60 min easy run

Thursday - 7pm meet River Walk for threshold & hills…4 x 7 mins (2) + 6 x 45 sec hill after

Friday Rest

Saturday 60 mins easy ready for a long run with threshold tomorrow.

Sunday 90 mins with 8-10 x 3 mins @ threshold/3 mins steady built in as a continuous 48-60 min controlled set.

Nick Anderson