Fri 4th Mar 2022

Deja Vue all over again as John Mills was again victorious in the Harestock Handicap, confounding the handicapper to be a clear winner from Caspian James with Matt Lavers third.

Perfect conditions once again with 19 runners contesting the handicap of whom 8 managed to meet or beat their handicaps with 7 squeezing into the blanket finish.

Our winner on the night was John Mills markedly markedly with each passing month and is now a two-in-a-row winner of this prestigious event. We had 3 event newbies this month including Caspian James, new to the club and signing-in with a fine 2nd place ahead of Matt Lavers in 3rd.

The other event newbies might be less new to the club but every one has to have a first event sometime.....welcome to Marius Kwint and Ellie Swire.

Fastest on the night was Bracken Dawson with 6'38 after a gun to tape tussle with Andy Parkinson (6'39) whilst Emma Carter was fastest lady in 7'27 in her first handicap appearance of the year. Last night's results are here.

Early days in the overall standings with many events (and discards) still to come - for the moment John Mills sits top of the pile but there is a gathering of Matt's close behind and still 9 races to come. One or two absences this month so there are now only 8 people in the whole world who still have a chance of achieving 12 out of 12 in 2022.

Interesting developments too as folks experiment with different ways of incorporating the Handicap into a full training session.....the handicap as an SOS element of a longer run, the handicap as a pacey pick-up rep to close off a threshold injection of competitive fun trying to go fast on tired legs.

The next race in the Harestock Handicap series of the first Thursday of March, the 7th of April, be there ready to race at 19.30. The clocks will have changed by then so hopefully the prospect of a little daylight.