2022 May Handicap

Thu 5th May 2022

Congratulations to Kevin Frisby, winner of the May Handicap with Ian Parker in 2nd and James Terry 3rd.

Perfect conditions once again for the handicap and once again the field was evenly spread with half the field beating their handicaps and half the field not quite managing that.

Our winner on the night was Kevin Frisby, fresh from a fine run in the RR10 last night and running strongly to record 6'59 and be home ahead of another RR10 runner, Ian Parker who posted 7'58. There's clearly something to be said for the RR10/Handicap combo and back to back racing! The improving James Terry was our fastest on the night taking 3rd place with a fine 6'49. Our fastest lady was Mikaela Price in 7'48.

No event newbies tonight but we welcomed Carrie Oliver back for her first handicap outing of the year.

It's early days in the overall standings with many events (and discards) still to come but there is a whiff of competition this year as the protagonists position themselves to strike for the coveted Handicap trophy. For the moment the most important thing is that it is all up for grabs....there are discards aplenty and a new runner starting with the June handicap could come in out of the blue and win. Make a note and get involved it's always the first Thursday of the month. If you must know John Mills currently sits top of the pile ahead of Mikaela Price, Ian Parker, Matt Smallman and Louise Snook. Again one or two absences this month so there are now only 3 people in the whole world who still have a chance of achieving 12 out of 12 in 2022.

Looking back a bit rather belated congratulations to Colin McManus on winning the Harestock Handicap for April coming back to some form with a handicap smashing 7'17 and winning handsomely from Adrian Fautly 5'39 and John Mills 8'02. We believe Adrian's time is a new record for the handicap course. Great to see three event newbies taking part, welcome to James Terry, Will Hadley and Chris Bennett.

The next race in the Harestock Handicap series of the first Thursday of June, the 2nd of June, be there ready to race at 19.30 or join us for some warm-up threshold work round the Westman mini-loop from 19.00.