Fri 8th Jul 2022

Congratulations to Rick Munro on winning the Harestock Handicap for the first time holding off the fast approaching Stephen Lowy whilst Carrie Oliver was 3rd.

Perfect conditions once again for the handicap with the heat of the day past and the streets quiet....Bracken led the way on the warm-ups and threshold work so we were all good to go as the 19.30 start time came around.

There was of course the usual litany of injury stories and various versions of the old "tired legs" excuses but a handicap is a handicap and it usually comes out in the wash anyway. As it happens our winner Rick Munro had "tired legs" post marathon and our second Stephen Lowy had "tired legs" post the RR10.

After all that it was a good night for the handicapper with the podium made up of Rick Munro (net time 7'35) Stephen Lowy (7'11) and Carrie Oliver (9'30) with 8 athletes in the blanket finish just behind Carrie. It's a fun event where you get to race directly against those of your own pace (who start with or near you) at the same time as racing directly against the field as the handicaps unwind and you all come to the finish line together. Fastest on the night was Bracken Dawson (6'45) with James Terry (6'49) continuing to improve his position on the honours board.

In the overall standings there are yet many events (and discards) to come so the overall title (and trophy) is really still up for grabs....John Mills continues to lead the way but Louise Snook and Bracken Dawson are nibbling away at his lead. Ian Parker and Mikaela Price missed the July event and slip down the pile a bit. Only 2 athletes (John Mills and Louise Snook) are still in with a chance of 12 out of 12.

The next race in the Harestock Handicap series of the first Thursday of August, the 4th of August, be there ready to race at 19.30 or join us for some warm-up threshold work round the Westman mini-loop from 19.00.