Hamble2 Rr10

Thu 7th Jul 2022

Another very warm evening last night for the second RR10 at Hamble Country Park this year. A different course this time, 4.6 miles, through the woods, over the road, past Manor Farm, up the hill, round the top field and then a fabulous gallop through the woodland next to the river and finishing at the top of the last hill!

147 ladies (9 WADAC) and 221 men (16 WADAC) took part. WADAC ladies finished first team (so continue to be first overall) and comprised of Ellie Davies (2nd), Ellie Swire (4th) and Emma Carter (7th) and our men's team finished 8th which now makes us 6th overall in the league. Our men's team was made up of Andy Parkinson (16th), Wayne Bevan (17th), Bracken Dawson (42nd), Rob Carter (45th) and Franklyn Young (59th). Well done to everyone who ran for the club.

Special mention to Andy Parkinson who has won the V50 category for the season but lots still to play for, so please keep supporting the RR10's.

Only 2 more RR1O's left that we are able to run in, Wide Lane on July 20th and IBM Hursley on 17th August. Please, please come and run so that we are able to hold onto or even improve on our positions in the league. The next one at Wide Lane is around smooth playing fields so is a great opportunity to test your speed safely on the flat.

WADAC are hosting our RR10 on Wednesday 3rd August at Whitechute, Badger Farm. If you have not already volunteered to marshal and are able to, please email me on rr10manager@wadac.org.uk or use whatsapp, we still need more helpers. It is a new course so we are also going to do a recce of the course on Wednesday 27th July which should be fun, there are plenty of hills and should ensure that the actual race runs smoothly on the night. Please let me know if you would like to be added to the group. We also would be very grateful to anyone that can bring cakes or something tasty for the finishers please. The sweet treats have been excellent this year and it will be good to repay all the generosity that we have enjoyed.

So hopefully lots of you can enjoy a good burn up on Wednesday 20th July at 7.30pm at University Playing Fields, Wide Lane. Full details can be found in due course on www.rr10.org.uk .