The Club has reviewed its policy regarding athletes running off site in the dark.

Juniors (up to the age of 18)

With immediate effect, all junior athletes running off site must wear a fluorescent tabard. These are available at the clubhouse each & every training session. We have plenty of WADAC branded fluorescent tabards in stock. Tabards must be returned to the clubhouse after use.

At least two adults including one qualified coach must accompany any junior training squad training off site.

No junior athlete may train off site wearing headphones.

Athletes Aged 18 +

The Club’s recommendation is that all athletes wear fluorescent tabards or clothing when training off site and should be discouraged from wearing headphones during training.

Running in the dark

Extra precautions are needed when running in the dark. A few essential items such as light and reflective clothing will keep you running through the darker days of winter.

Plan your route

Traffic-free or quiet routes in the country can feel safe during the daytime but, if they’re not well-lit at night, they should be avoided. If you have to run in the dark, think ahead and plan your training route along safer, well-lit roads where you are in view of the public.

Identify hazards such as:

Traffic Potholes and uneven surfaces Pedestrians and other runners Dogs and other animals Look out for them, not only in your path but in the whole vicinity especially those that can move such as traffic, pedestrians and animals. Keep your ears open as well as your eyes. If you hear a car accelerating or a dog barking be alert and aware of the distance between it and you.

Be seen

Fluorescent or bright clothing helps you to be seen during the daytime, especially in dull weather. Reflective piping or better still, panels on your jacket, leggings and trainers will show up in car headlights. Wear a blinkie or flashing light on your top Carry ID

If you are running on your own you should carry some form of ID so that you can be identified if anything untoward does happen to you. Many running specialists sell wrist wallets that have space for you to put your name, contact and medical details.

Car Parking

May we remind all athletes and their parents that there is no car parking or drop off at the Athletics Stadium.

Unauthorised use of the Athletics Stadium car park is causing serious risks to safety and is a danger to users of the Athletics Stadium.

Car parking is at the Park & Ride on Bar End Road. Only disabled persons or coaches with equipment may use the Stadium car park. 

Please respect this policy in the interests of health & safety of all our athletes.

Pete Spelman

Chairman of WADAC