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WADAC has an active Race Walking squad coached by Claire Mitchell who organises dedicated race walking training sessions most weeks - all are welcome to come and give it a try.

Would you like to learn to walk faster than many runners? Then race walking could be for you. Winchester’s Race Walkers are a friendly group of teenagers to veterans and are active at local, county, regional and national level. We aim to improve technique, fitness and get faster in a supportive friendly environment.

Like running, race walking can give you a great heart-pounding workout, with race walkers achieving VO2 maximum values comparable to runners but with a reduced risk of injury. This is partly because the rules require that one foot is kept on the ground at all times, reducing the impact to one-third the force of runners. The other rule to race walking is to keep the knees straight from the moment the heel of the advancing leg hits the ground until that leg passes directly under the body. If you want to know more, Dave McGovern takes a three part look at the usefulness of race walking for runners on (links to part two and three are here).

At speed, normal walking technique breaks down and becomes awkward. Racewalking technique allows you to move much faster and builds both full body strength and can improve coordination. Once you've mastered the technique, you can use race walking to supplement your other sports or pursue it as a competitive sport that has been in the Olympics since 1904. Elite racewalkers can walk a 5-kilometer (3.1 miles) race in less than 20 minutes and a marathon in just over 3 hours. Competitions take place on either roads or on running tracks, over distances of 2km to 50km. You may have seen us training at the track or on the paths, it’s a great way to keep fit and supplement your current training so why not give it a go? All are welcome, from beginners upwards. Contact us at to find out more.