If you are a parent or athlete looking to give something back to club or you are just interested becoming involved in the club, one rewarding option would be to become a track or field official (see some of our officials comments below). Full training is given and details of the qualifications and courses are here: https://www.englandathletics.o...

The club always has a shortage of officials and needs to provide them as part of the various league matches both at Winchester and other locations. They also score points for the WADAC teams in the competitions.  

Please contact the Chair on chair@wadac.org.uk for further information. 

A full fixture list is here: http://www.wadac.org.uk/news-and-results/2018/03/summer-fixtures-up-and-coming-track-season 

Here is what others have said about the experience:

Mike Billington, Timekeeper

"When I gave up running after over 50 years, I decided I wanted to give something back to the sport which had given me so much and so I became a timekeeper.  If you have enjoyed the sport, why not become an official yourself.”

Karin Gray, Level 2 Official

“A shortage of field officials resulted in me helping out at my daughter’s first Quadkids/Wessex competition, as having competed in Multievents in the past I could recall the Jumps and Shot rules quite well. Since then have gained experience in such diverse events as Pole Vault, Javelin and Hammer, with more experienced officials always happy to answer my questions, and helping me learn to keep both competitors and myself safe (quite important when people, or Javelins  are flying over your head at break neck speed). I try to organise my time in between events on competition days to still watch my daughter compete at her main events.”