To recognise athletes (junior or senior) who have gained a GB international vest whilst a member of WADAC.

To recognise athletes (junior or senior) who have gained a Home Nations international vest whilst a member of WADAC.

To recognise junior athletes who have gained a Home Nations or GB Schools vest whilst a member of WADAC.

The standard for hall of fame entry is to reflect an extremely high level of achievement. Entries to the hall of fame will be made annually by a panel of coaches and WADAC committee members using the criteria set out above.

Here are a few nominations to start with. More coming soon!

Sarah Dean


Sarah was Winchester’s first ever National, Major Championship and English Schools winner.

1980 English Schools Championship, Kirkby 1st 80m Hurdles in 11.2 sec (PB).

1980 National WAAA Championships Crystal Palace 1st 80m Hurdles 11.47 sec.

1980 National WAAA Indoor Championships Cosford 1st 60m Hurdles 8.71 sec.

1981 European Schools Indoor Championships Paris 50m Hurdles 5th in final in 7.60 sec (Gold in relay 4x100m).

1984 Indoor 4 x 400m relay National WAAA Indoor Championships Cosford (Jacqui, Dawn, Sarah and Simone) National Champions. Time 3min 47.4 sec. club indoor record and 5th fastest on the UK All-Time list.

Lifetime Performances

1980 80m Hurdles 11.2 sec

1980 60m Hurdles (Indoors) 8.71 sec

1981 50m Hurdles (Indoors) 7.60

1991 400m Hurdles 57.38 sec

1991 GBR v Soviet Union, Meadowbank 400m Hurdles 5th 58.36 sec.

1991 400m Hurdles 57.38 sec National AAA Championships 3rd, Birmingham, Ranked 43 UK All-Time (in 2020).

Sarah, a physiotherapist and psychologist, is now Professor of Psychology Applied to Rehabilitation and Health at the University of Exeter.

Simone Gandy


Set UK age best for 400H – 1980-1981-1982

1986 Set British U23 record of 41.74 sec. for 300H - still stands today (2020)

1981 European Schools Indoor Championships Paris – 400m 2nd

1982 GBR Junior v Nederland, Belgium & Greece – Amsterdam NED 400H / 4x400m

1982 GBR v Germany Birmingham 400H

1983 European Junior Championships – Vienna 400H

1983 GBR v Germany Koblenz 400H/4x400m

1983 GBR v USSR Birmingham 400H (Ranked 1st in the UK 400H U19 age group)

(Western European ranked 1st 400H U19 age group)

1984 GBR Junior v Poland (indoors) Cosford

1984 GBR Juniors v Ireland & Belgium – Dublin

1985 World Student Games Japan 400m

1985 GBR v Italy v Yugoslavia v Germany Genoa 4x400m (Senior)

1985 GBR v Germany (GDR) Birmingham 400H

1985 GBR v France v Belgium Le Touquet 400H 4x400m

1986 Commonwealth Games – Edinburgh 400H

1986 GBR Juniors v Romania – Bucharest 400H

World Student Games - Australia 400H

Lifetime Performances

300H 41.74 sec.

400m 54.12 sec.

400m (indoors) 55.10 sec

400H 57.00 sec

1987 World Student Games Zagreb Yugoslavia 400H

1987 Loughborough International 1st 400H

1987 GBR U23 International in Krakow v Poland v West Germany v Spain 1st 400H

1988 GRB v USSR v France Portsmouth 400H

1988 GBR Olympic Meeting Athens 400m

1988 Olympic Trials –Birmingham 3rd in Final 400H

1988 Olympic Games –Seoul, South Korea 400H

Simone represented her country on 26 occasions (15 GBR and 11 full Senior England vests) plus 2 World student Games and 2 England Schools Internationals. A club record number of 10 GBR vests while a Winchester athlete.

Dawn Gandy


1982 GBR V Sweden Karlstad 4x 400m relay (1st Winchester athlete to run for GBR Seniors)

1982 U20 GBR v Netherlands v Belgium v Germany – Amsterdam 1st 400m

1983 GBR (Senior) v France v Germany – Dortmund Germany 400m

Dawn was ranked 2nd in the Western European U19 age group for 400m

Lifetime Performances

400m PB 53.80s

800m PB 2min. 01.87 sec

1987 National WAAA Indoor Championships 1st 400m

1987 European Cup– Prague 4x400m relay (senior)

1988 GBR v USA – Birmingham 400m

1988 National WAAA Championship (indoors) 1st 800m

1988 European Indoor Championships - Budapest 800m semi-finalist

1989 UK Championships 2nd 800m

1990 National WAAA Indoor Championships 1st 800m

1990 European Indoor Championships Glasgow 800m

1990 GBR v France v Soviet Union – Portsmouth

1992 National WAAA Indoor Championships 1st 800m

1994 National WAAA Championships 2nd 800m

1994 Commonwealth Games, Victoria 800m

In all Dawn represented her Country on 25 occasions.

Jacqui Parker


1980-81-82-83 Set National age best 70/75/80m hurdles

1984 Represented GBR Juniors – 400H

1988 Represented GBR Seniors – 400H

1990 European Championships Split Yugoslavia Semi-Finalist 400H

Lifetime Performances

400m 54.63 sec

400 m Hurdles 56.15 sec

800m 2 min. 04.8 sec

800m (Indoors) 2 min. 03.78 sec

1991 World championships Tokyo Japan

1991 400H- UK 400H Champion

1993 World Indoor Championships Toronto Canada 800M Semi-Finalist

1993 World Championships Stuttgart Germany 400H

1993 UK 400H Champion

1994 European Championships Helsinki Finland 400H

1994 Commonwealth Games Victoria, Canada 400H 6th in Final 1995 National Champion 400H

Dean Showler-Davis


2006 GB U23 Indoor Heptathlon Gb v France v Spain

2006 GB U23 Decathlon GB v Switzerland v France v Germany

2006 Winner of National Senior Combined Events Championship’s

2006 Winner U23 AAA Combined Events Championships Sheffield

2006 GB Senior European Combined Events

2007 GB Senior Indoor Heptathlon GB v France v Spain

2007 Loughborough International 4x400m

2007 GB Senior European Cup Combined Events Szczecin Poland

2012 Winner Senior Combined Events Championships Bedford

2012 International Decathlon Meerkamp, Woeden NED

Lifetime Performances

Decathlon 7241 points

100m 10.36 sec

200m 21.07 sec

400m 48.65 sec

400m Hurdles 55.00 sec

Holly Croxford

2005 AAA U17 Championships 2nd 300m

2006 AAA U17 Championships 1st 300m

2007 ESSA Championships 1st 200m

2007 GB U20 Loughborough International 4x400 relay

2007 GB U20 European Junior Championships 400m

2008 GB U20 World Junior Championships 4x100 relay

2008 England U20 Championships 2nd 200m

Lifetime Performances

100m 11.87 sec

200m 23.86 sec

300m 38.68 sec

400m 54.28 sec

Louis Sellers


2006 ESAA Schools Championships 1st 400m 47.43 sec

2006 U23 AAA Championships 2nd 400m

2007 GB U20 Loughborough International 4x400 relay

2008 GB U20 World Junior Championships 4x400m relay (Bronze Medal)

Lifetime Performances

100m 10.87 sec

200m 21.80 sec

400m 47.39 sec